Δευτέρα 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

Mandala - Mandala 1976 (Morisom)

Label : Morisom

Value : 

A really heavyweight album from the Brazilian scene of the 70s – recorded by a group of artists who were really helping to transform the sound of jazz at the time! There are elements that are familiar here, but served up in these really fresh ways – changing up the rhythmic and melodic progressions, and the way the instruments interact – warmer in spirit than the music of Hermeto Pascoal, but with an equally sophisticated sort of vibe! The quintet features players you'll likely know from a range of other recordings – killer lineup that includes Nelson Ayres on piano, Zeca Assumpcao on bass, Ze Eduardo Nazario on drums and percussion, Luiz Roberto Oliveira on guitar and keyboards, and Roberto Sion on sax and flute.
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I wish all the best. 
Keep the good music alive guys and... Stay Loose!
Greetings from Greece! 

Taste :

Mandala - Matilho
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Τρίτη 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat 1976 (Nippon Columbia)

Label : Nippon Columbia 

Value :

A great bit of electric jazz from the Japanese scene of the 70s – an album that easily rivals the best CTI work in the US at the time! Trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki heads up a quintet here – one that's heavy on electric piano and keyboards, played in a stretched-out sort of groove that reminds us a lot of the energy on Freddie Hubbard's funkiest albums from the same period. The tracks are all quite long – and step out with a wonderfully rhythmic sensibility – spare at times, and very focused on the right rolling approach to the groove. Suzuki's trombone solos are matched by some equally great sax work from Takeru Muraoka – and rhythm is from Kunimitsu Inaba on bass and Akira Ishikawa on drums. Filled with great breaks and laidback jazzy grooves

Taste :

Hiroshi Suzuki - Kuro To Shiro

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Πέμπτη 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

Serge Gainsbourg - Strip Tease 1963 (Philips)

Label : Philips

Value : 

Original Soundtrack of this 1963 movie classic, Arranged by Alain Gourager. Strip Tease vocals by Juliette Greco and starring Nico. Between appearing in La Dolce Vita and cutting a single with Jimmy Page and Andrew Loog Oldham, Nico beat out Ursula Andress for the lead role in a feature film: Jacques Poitrenaud’s 1963 Strip-Tease (a/k/a Sweet Skin and Lady Strip Tease). Billed as “Krista Nico,” she stars as German dancer Ariane, a character described by Poitrenaud as “a stripper lost in the nocturnal world.”

Taste :

Serge Gainsbourg - Wake Me At Five

Serge Gainsbourg - Safari

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Κυριακή 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

Luis Enriquez Bacalov – Carrefour / Sistemo L'America E Torno - Seq. 7 2017 (Four Flies)

Label : Four Flies

Value :

The Italian funk god Luis Enriquez Bacalov is celebrated here with this unmissable 7-inch record, featuring two of his grooviest tracks ever: on the A-side, the legendary CARREFOUR is maybe his funkiest soundtrack piece, here released for the first time in its entirety, with an unexpected introduction via a powerful horn section, which was cut from the original 1976 RCA 7’’. Behold an eternal jazz-funk masterpiece with solid drum breaks and hip hop heavy beats, funky congas, wah wah guitar, psychedelic organ. This track was used for the 1976 movie “Colpita da improvviso benessere”, directed by Franco Giraldi, but was originally conceived for the 1974 movie “Sistemo l'America e torno” by Nanni Loy. For the B-side, we have chosen from this same score another killer groovy track which was already compiled on our ESTERNO NOTTE Vol. 1 compilation. SISTEMO L’AMERICA E TORNO - SEQ. 7 has a tremendous rhythm section, a wonderful guitar riff, psychedelic flute, and stunning Hammond organ solos. This is another future classic from the golden age of Italian soundtracks!

Taste :

Luis Enriquez Bacalov – Carrefour

Luis Enriquez Bacalov – Sistemo L'America E Torno - Seq. 7

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Δευτέρα 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

Best Albums of the Year 2021

1 Rogér Fakhr ‎– Fine Anyway (Habibi Funk)
2 Arooj Aftab – Vulture Prince (New Amsterdam Records)
3 Sarah Davachi ‎– Antiphonals (Late Music)
4 Drug Store Romeos ‎– The World Within Our Bedrooms (Fiction records)
5 Vanishing Twin ‎– Ookii Gekkou (Fire Records)
6 Haiku Salut ‎– The Hill, The Light, The Ghost (Secret Name)
7 Joy Orbison ‎– Still Slipping Vol. 1 (XL Records)
8 Dry Cleaning ‎– New Long Leg (4AD)
9 Jane Weaver ‎– Flock (Fire Records)
10 Steve Hackett ‎– Under A Mediterranean Sky (Inside Out Music)

Σάββατο 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

What Is Wrong With Groovin' (Sex Education,Seductive Sounds & Adult Film Soundtrack)


Track List : 

1 Christophe - Green Dream (La Route De Salina) 1970

2 Richard Moore - Turn Me On (Sensations) Adult 1976

3 The Apollo - Memories (演奏最流行最轻松的音乐) 1971

4 Keith Mansfield - Stealth In The Night (Loot) 1970

5 Sung Jo Jung & The Messengers - Afternoon (어제 내린 ) 1970 

6 Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Chicca (La Polizia Incrimina, La Legge Assolve) 1973

7 Georges Tremblay Et Son Orchestre - Oh Nancy (La Couleur Du Temps) 1976 

8 Luis Bacalov - Nago (La Seduzione) 1973 

9 Karl Heinz Schaefer - Kidnapping (Les Gants Blancs Du Diable) 1973 

10 Alfi Kabiljo - Deps Main Title (DEPS) 1974

11 Unknown Artist - Leticia's Theme (Soul Sisters) Adult 197? 

12 Tedd Smith - Time To Run (Time To Run) 1973

13 Uschi Moser - Sunny Honey (Atemlos Vor Liebe) Adult 1970

14 Charles Dumont - Trafic (Trafic) 1971

15 Unknown Artist - Carl's Cabana (Inside Seka) Adult 1980

16 Hareton Salvanini - Copacabana Rock (A Virgem De Saint Tropez) 1974

17 Michel Magne - Grand theme Malko (S.A.S. A San Salvador) 1982

18 Toni McVey - Sex World Theme (Sex Worl) Adult 1977

19 Irmin Schmidt -  Endstation Freiheit (Endstation Freiheit) 1980

20 Daniele Patucchi - Telemark (Metralleta Stein) 1974

21 Jerry Fielding - Tip Top Inn (Super Cops) 1974

22 Carlo Pes - Relaxing In New Mexico (Un Uomo Dalla Pelle Dura) 1972

23 Fred Karlin - Hot Stuff (Up The Down Stair Case) 1967

24 Peter Schirmann - Lagerfeuer (Dein Kind Das Unbekannte Wesen) Adult 1970

25 Sex On The Beach (Μέλι το κορμί της - Confessions of a Lesbos Honey) unreleased soundtrack (Electric Looser archive)1975

26 Puccio Roelens E La Sua Grande Orchestra TV - Caravan (Primo Canale) 1971

27 Thierry Fervant - Samba Pour Fernand (L'Aube Ne S'est Pas Encore Levée) 1972

28 Ensemble Vuisadou - 君知るや南の国 恍惚の24 (You Know, South Of The Country - Sexual Music Poem - Musebinaki) Adult 196?

29 Fly By Night (Μέλι το κορμί της - Confessions of a Lesbos Honey) unreleased soundtrack (Electric Looser archive)1975

30 Calderón - En Busca de Daniel (Carola De Día, Carola De Noche) 1969

31 Rogier Van Otterloo - Let's Go Randstad (Let's Go To Randstad) 1974

32 Jerry fielding - Pull The Shade (Super Cops) 1974

33 Gerhard Heinz - Titel Tanz (Sex Fever / Die Insel Der Tausend Freuden) Adult 1978

34 Alain Goraguer - La Comtesse Se Dévergonde (La Rabatteuse) Adult 1978

35 Pierre Bachelet - Motel Show  (Le Dernier Amant Romantique) 1978

36 Unknown Artist – Exchanging Glances (Soul Sisters) Adult 197?

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