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Piero Umiliani ‎- La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna 1972 (Omicron)

Label : Omicron

Value : From 200 to 300 euros

Amazing work from the legendary Piero Umiliani – a perfect soundtrack to show the warmer sound of his talents, which are sometimes eclipsed by his weirder electronic modes! The soundtrack's from an erotic film starring sex-goddess Zeudi Araya, but despite the kinky origins of the material, the music's actually got a lot more sophistication than you'd expect – and the score feels more like a Morricone cerebral one than a cheesy sexy one – with dreamy wordless vocals floating around in the mix, and these sweet-stepping basslines that are especially wonderful – setting a slow funk current at great moments, in that Euro easy way of blending some hip bass with warmer strings and other instrumental touches. There's some haunting piano at points, too – and Umiliani has a great way of making the music sound emotive, but never sappy at all.

The film

Also known as The Sinner on UK VHS, this one could almost be mistaken for a D'Amato Black Emanuelle film (as well as Jess Franco who also had a film with the same video title). The Italian title translates as The Moon-Skinned Girl, a reference to the amazingly attractive Zeudi Araya, who made two other films with the same director. As a film it really typifies the 'eurotika' of the 1970s - the story concerns a couple with marital problems who escape to the Seychelles and the husband meets - and has an affair with - the title character. The wife meanwhile meets an ex-pat living there (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart!) with whom she has a fling. The couple realise their love for each other and return home stronger for it.

Taste :

Piero Umiliani - Pelle Di Luna

Piero Umiliani - Mahe

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TTBLP008 // true to beats lp008 //

TTBLP008 // true to beats lp008 //

 True To Beats is a weekly magazine that focuses on quality music from today, yesterday and tomorrow.Featuring mixtapes and words from some of the most special music connoisseurs and front runners globally.



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True to Beats || lp008 || Electric Looser

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Dennis The Fox ‎- Mother Trucker 1972 (MusArt)

Label : MusArt

Value : From 200 to 350 euros (the original)

Sometimes, a singer can act like a star, even though their actual place in the musical universe is far from the limelight – and that's definitely the case here with Dennis Caldirola, aka Dennis The Fox – a vocalist who's not afraid to brashly lay down his own lyrics that filled with offbeat wit, weird warnings, and a sense of presence that hardly belies the tiny circulation the album got at the time! The whole thing's a stripped-down, virtually-homemade production – but it's also one of those records that hardly knows that at all – and the group are surprisingly tight at times, even ripping off The Meters pretty heavily on one of the album's funkier tracks.

Taste :

Dennis The Fox ‎- Piledriver

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The Deuce Premieres 9/10 (HBO)

Η νέα σειρά του Ντέιβιντ Σάιμον θα μας ταξιδέψει στη Νέα Υόρκη των ’70 και ’80, στα βρώμικα τότε και σκοτεινά σοκάκια της Τάιμς Σκουέαρ, όπου εκεί το πορνό έκανε δειλά – δειλά τα πρώτα του βήματα προτού μετατραπεί στη βιομηχανία των δισεκατομμυρίων, όπως την ξέρουμε.

Ήδη το τρέιλερ, αν και μικρό σε διάρκεια μας βάζει για τα καλά στο κλίμα στης εποχής, χωρίς όμως να μας αποκαλύπτει ποια θα είναι η κατεύθυνση της σειράς. Σύμφωνα με τους παραγωγούς το δράμα δεν θα εξιστορήσει μόνο την άνοδο και τη νομιμοποίηση της βιομηχανίας πορνό, θα δώσει έμφαση στη βία, στην ολοένα αυξανόμενη διακίνηση ναρκωτικών ουσιών, αλλά και στην επιδημία του HIV που μάστιζε την εποχή εκείνη και σημάδεψε γενιές και γενιές.
Move on Up! Tα υπόλοιπα στις 10 Σεπτεμβρίου όπου θα κάνει πρεμιέρα και το πρώτο επεισόδιο.

 The Deuce Premieres 9/10 (HBO)

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After School compiled by Electric Looser

Taste :

Rie Nakahara - Sentimental Hotel

Achab - White Lights In Summer

Al Massrieen - Men awel Deqiqa

Can - I Want More

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Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party

Η όμορφη δικηγόρος Linda Westinghouse βρισκόμενη στην Τουρκία για μια υπόθεση της πλούσιας κοντέσας Nadine που μένει σε απομακρυσμένο νησί, πετυχαίνει τον μυστηριώδη και σέξι χορό μιας όμορφης χορεύτριας σε ένα τοπικό νυχτερινό κέντρο.  
Από τότε αρχίζει να έχει παράξενους εφιάλτες που σχετίζονται με την χορεύτρια και που κορυφώνονται όταν παρά τις προειδοποιήσεις ενός ντόπιου για το αντίθετο, πηγαίνει στο νησί και συναντάει την όμορφη κοντέσα για να ανακαλύψει ότι αυτή ήταν η γυναίκα στο όνειρό της. Η σχέση των δύο γυναικών γίνεται ακόμα πιο περίπλοκη όταν η κοντέσα, όντας βρικόλακας, πίνει το αίμα της Linda κάνοντάς την να χάσει την μνήμη της...

Πανέμορφα συνεχόμενα ψυχεδελικά πλάνα που κάνουν την ατμόσφαιρα εκπληκτική και καθιστούν το Vampyros Lesbosένα αληθινό επίτευγμα τουλάχιστον όσον αφορά το καλλιτεχνικό του κομμάτι. Αυτό το πραγματικά εμπνευσμένο στιλ κινηματογράφησης κάνει την ταινία μια αληθινή απόλαυση για τα μάτια, αλλά και για τα αυτιά, μιας και η μουσική των Manfred Hubler και Sigi Schwab είναι αληθινά εκπληκτική, δίνει τον τόνο σε όλη την ταινία και την ανεβάζει επίπεδα ακόμα περισσότερο. Χωρίς υπερβολή, πρόκειται για ένα από τα κορυφαία soundtracks ταινιών της εποχής και σίγουρα το καλύτερο στην τεράστια φιλμογραφία του Jess Franco.

 Vampyros Lesbos (Spanish: Las Vampiras) is a 1971 West German-Spanish horror film directed and co-written by Jesús Franco. The film stars Ewa Strömberg as Linda Westinghouse, an American who works in a Turkish legal firm. Westinghouse has a series of erotic dreams that involve a mysterious vampire woman who seduces her before feeding on her blood. When she travels to an island to settle an inheritance, Linda recognizes a woman as the vampire from her dreams.

The film was shot in 1970 in Turkey. It was a popular success in theaters in Europe on its release and was the first film to have a more psychedelic score for a Franco film and the first to have a lesbian theme as a prominent feature of the film. The film's score became popular in the mid-1990s when it was included on the compilation Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party, an album that became a top ten hit on the British Alternative charts.

 On a remote island, the beautiful vampire Countess Nadine Carody (Soledad Miranda) lures unwary victims with her seductive nightclub act and sets her sights on Linda (Ewa Strömberg). Linda begins having dreams about Nadine, and seeks her home on an island. She is interrupted by Memmet (Jesus Franco) who warns her not to go to the island. Linda follows Memmet to his chamber where she walks in on him torturing a young woman. She escapes this encounter and proceeds to the island. On the Island, Linda meets Nadine. The two go swimming and Nadine notes that the home they are staying at used to belong to Count Dracula. After Linda begins to feel dizzy from drinking wine, Nadine takes her to a room where the two have sex and Nadine draws blood from Linda's neck. Linda later finds Nadine motionless in a swimming pool and faints.

 The next day, Agra (Heidrun Kussin) appears in mental distress at a hospital, where she claims to have visions of Nadine. She is under the care of Dr. Seward (Dennis Price) who then treats her new patient, Linda, who does have any memory of what she encountered with Nadine. At Nadine's home, she appears alive and recounts to her servant Morpho (José Martínez Blanco) about how she became a vampire and her obsession with Linda who she wishes to become a vampire. Nadine uses her powers to contact Linda to return to her island where the two drink blood and have sex. On her return to hospital, Dr. Seward informs Nadine that to remove herself from the vampire's curse she must split the vampire's head with an axe or pierce it with a pole.

Linda is then kidnapped by Memmet. Linda's boyfriend Omar (Andrés Monales) begins to search for her. Nadine later arrives at the asylum to have Linda return with her where she meets Dr. Seward. Dr. Seward admits that he only attempted to help Linda in order to draw Nadine to him so he can become a vampire. Nadine refuses and has Morpho kill him. As Omar searches for Linda, she is told by Memmet that all women, including his wife Arga, who return from the island become insane which has driven him to kill various women around the island. Linda manages to kill Memmet with a saw and escapes to find Nadine. She finds Nadine at her home near death in desperate need of blood to survive. Linda ignores Nadine's plea and bites her neck and stabs her with a pole through her left eye. Morpho commits suicide and Linda is found by Omar who tries to convince her that the whole experience was a dream.

Taste :

Vampyros Lesbos music cut 

Vampyros Lesbos Trailer

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